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My mission is to celebrate every stage of your life with natural light and, elegant photography that reflects and fits your personality with my style. Your family, and the way you live with my personal touch. My style is full of rich colors and timeless posing with a bit of whimsy that celebrates life, love and family. I strive to create heirlooms my clients will treasure now, and their grandchildren will hold dear a generation from now. They are beautiful, priceless memories that capture who they are and in the most gorgeous settings, and the ones they love best in the world.



I want my images to make you smile. I want to celebrate timeless portraits that show you in a relaxed and natural setting. My photography style is using the natural light and surroundings that help create a lush dream you will want to remember. I want to create a lasting memory.


My Name is Colleen Schwulst, and I have been taking pictures since the day I took my first photography class in middle school. I focused on it, as well as art all through school, and then went on to study for 4 years at the University Of The Arts in Philadelphia.


My style reflects my personality... bold, artistic, and classic. I strive to present each photo as its own work of art. Attention to detail and my unique post processing style is something I take great pride in. My art background has a huge influence in the way I approach my photography. From selecting location sites and finding the most magic light, to the last subtle enhancement on my computer screen.


Every time I am fortunate enough to have someone comment to me, "You clearly love what you do," I am reminded of how lucky I am to have stumbled into this profession. The challenge, creative fulfillment, and joy I derive from photography makes it both my chosen career and passion. I'm so very lucky.